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We dream, explore...

We dream, explore...

create and craft

create and craft

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About Us

Blackrock Films (BRF) is an innovative distribution and production company that distributes and produces high quality independent film and made for television productions for worldwide distribution. In addition to distribution, developing and producing in house productions, the company is well positioned to offer a wide range of financial, production and creative services to its production partners all over the world including Canada.


With offices in Vancouver, Blackrock Films specializes in providing a full range of services to both the film and television industries. Including Post Production and VFX studio that place BRF in a  unique position within the Canadian industry allows it to partner with outside producers and provide considerable cost savings. British Columbia has recently renewed its refundable tax credit program. Under the Production Services program, the basic rate is 25% of B.C. based labor costs for filming in Vancouver's "Studio" zone. Filming beyond the zone, Producers can qualify for additional regional credits of up to 12%. Combined with the federal credit, overall savings of up to 47% of the labor expenditures are possible. Productions that qualify as Canadian content may apply for provincial and federal credits on eligible qualified labor of up to 78%. * These savings - when combined with exchange rate gains, British Columbia's lower wages, flexible work rules and fringe rates, and the company's considerable internal efficiencies - allow Blackrock Films to provide consistent savings over any other location in North America including our local competitors.







Blackrock Films in-house business infrastructure works closely with producers and production companies to prepare accurate budgets, schedules and a tax credit analyses that reflect real costs and savings. After delivery, the company will process all the cost reports, year end and final tax credit applications in a timely fashion that assure the maximums allowed.


The company's high level of production activity has allowed it to maintain a "ready-to-go" office and production infrastructure. Blackrock Films has trained and cultivated world class crews that help create a positive and efficient atmosphere. Through these relationships it has the ability to stay competitive by consolidating costs to help achieve the creative and financial goals of our production clients.


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