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Our Team:

Brad Kersch

CEO & Founder

Michael Price

President & Founder

Andreas Thatcher


About Us

Blackrock Films (BRF) is an innovative distribution company. Founded in 2010, by industry professionals Michael Price, Brad Kersch. Blackrock Films distributes high quality independent film and made for television productions across all media platforms for Canada & worldwide distribution.  


We are experienced in providing world-class marketing and distribution services for independent films. Our relationships include the best in the business including Cinema Owners, DVD retailers, major online stores, DVD wholesalers, Netflix, iTunes, Redbox, Amazon and networks throughout North America.  


We create innovative marketing plans to maximize a film’s revenue and manage P&A risk, while increasing the value of secondary revenue streams and garner the ultimate profitability of a project.  

Film Marketing

BRF creates unique traditional and non traditional marketing strategies for promoting and selling an independent film. We provide marketing and promotional partners that can be leveraged to spread the word about a project, promote DVD sales, and draw people to your theatrical engagements. Our team has worked to create the right promotional materials and strategies that take advantage of digital technologies and the Internet to make your film a success!


  • Traditional & non traditional marketing services for your film

  • DVD and digital download marketing expertise

  • Event based promotions in major markets

  • Social media marketing experience / SEO

  • Major promotions and secondary revenue streams

  • BRF creates a complete marketing and sales partnership for your film!

  • Sales Representation



Film Distribution

Blackrock Films is a complete film distribution and marketing company, from theatrical to DVD, VOD, SVOD and TV Broadcast.


Theatrical - BRF has long standing relationships with cinemas in Canada and the United States.


Home Entertainment -We specialize in home entertainment distribution that utilizes the latest technologies to provide film projects with the most successful distribution possible. As marketing experts in the industry, we analyze each feature to determine its core audience and then create a marketing strategy and distribution plan that is crafted exclusively for each individual project.


Blackrock offers services for the independent film producer that can include a limited theatrical, extensive DVD, home entertainment and new media VOD and streaming release. 

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